A new pedagogical competence


Curricula in Higher Education in the 21st century can be understood as intended educational processes that give expression to 3 domains – of knowing, doing, being. (Barnett and Coate, 2005:49)


Barnett and Coate’s work was useful in thinking about the curriculum particularly in relation to student learning pertaining to the threshold concept identity as an occupational therapist across the whole program. For example, for students in the undergraduate four year program, we viewed courses in semester 1 year 1 as requiring students to think of themselves as ‘occupational therapy students’ (being) who were learning the foundational concepts of occupational therapy knowledge (knowing) and foundational practice skills (doing).The challenge for professional educators in curriculum development is achieving the integration of knowing, doing and being. . See here  HERDSA_2011_Rodger this original text.

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