What is VET Teachers and Trainers in Finland?


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The 1990’s saw remarkable change in vocational education and training in Finland. The decade saw the change from an institutional VET system to education and training provided in close cooperation with the world of work. The aim was to improve the quality of education and training, to ensure its correspondence with the requirements of working life, to enhance dialogue between education and the world of work and to help students during the transition from institution to workplace. VET reform introduced on-the-job learning periods and skills demonstrations and increased apprenticeship training.

In Finland, VET teachers are seen as being their own specifi c group within the teaching profession. The fi rst reason for this is that education and qualification requirements for VET teachers are very different from those for general education teachers. Secondly, the differences in their teaching work and work context are recognised. Specifi c traits in the work of VET teachers stem from the close connection between theory and practice and the strong presence of the world of work within VET.

Fonte:Ministry of Education • Department for Education and Science Policy • 2006