CellAtSchool PLUS App: A Mobile Learning Project

Mobile CellAtSchool PLUS Application  ( to Android)

cellatschool androidMobile CellAtSchool PLUS is an Android application that has developed by researcher Giselda dos Santos Costa and applied in the high school classes at  Federal Institute of Piauí- Teresina Zona Sul Campus- Brazil, to solve and explore new and more effective ways of helping her students to learn language, to learn through language and to learn about language.

 personalizando aprendizagemIt is a personalized and  flexible application.The researcher creates her activities designs,  make available them on  website project and the students with their mobile, have easy access to course materials such as lecture, videos, quizzes, cartoons, podcasts, videoclips and other information. The students connect to the application by login, complete activities and receive personalized feedback.

The intended services that are provided by the environment are categorized into two fundamental axes: PRACTICE (English in action) and THEORY (Teacher in action). Anyone can download it in your cellphone or table Android. For this need to change the phone’s settings or tablet allowing “Installation unknown application“, and go to project site  from your mobile tecnology. The application is not in play story google, and can appear a dangerous message, but do not worry  this application is safe and does not damage your technology.

This  App provides six  technologies  in  the potential to:

(1) Simultaneous translator En-Pt and Pt-En with voice pronunciation, very usefull for students at home and at school.



 (2) Share button: Now days people share everything on whatsup, facebook and via e-mail. How could we miss something as important as this on CellAtSchool app?



(3) Where is my bike? This usefull app is made to remember the right place where students have parked their bike. It will take you back exactly to the point where you have left it. It can be used for motorbikes, cars or any other object left around.



(4) Smart Answering Machine: When students arrive at school, they can switch the answering machine ON and the phone ringtone OFF. Any call not attended will recive a personal SMS message saying “I AM BUSY”.



(5)Notes: Very helpfull for students, they can take a note of important things, save them inside the phone and check them anytime.



 (6) Activities: Share design activities with practice (English in action) and theory and technique (Teacher in action).


Englis in Action: 


The design of activities in English in Action has been empowered to explore mobile technologies to build a new alternative vision of teaching and learning English as a foreign language to High schooll class at Federal Institute of Piauí- Brazil. The activities will be produced according to individual needs of  researcher’s students and each activity will have a Linguistic theoretical support. This App allows distance education students be constantly connected and easy access to course materials. It is powerful tools we can use to not only empower, but to inspire our students. It offers a personalized and authentic learning experience. Ops: The students must LOGIN.

This part is divided into 5 categories:
1- Critical Skill
critical skill

The images and visual media bring opportunities for global experience into the classroom, visual literacy represents one of the critical areas for supporting student learning.



Teacher in Action:


Teachers in Action is for teachers, researchers and students interested in exploring language, literacy and learning in today’s world with its increasing linguistic and cultural diversity and rapid technological development and see good practice with Teaching of English to Hearing Impaired Students. Most of the same teaching strategies used to instruct students who do not have a disability would be appropriate for the student with a hearing impairment. This student will learn from what he sees and what he does (action). We will explore, in this part, new and more effective ways of helping students to learn language, to learn through language and to learn about language. It is designed for those who are interested in the role of language in education including professionals teaching English either as a first, additional (EAL) or foreign language (EFL).


The premise is that a more systematic implementation of the above learning theories and practices could transform education for the 21st century.

CellAtSchool Application has the following features:

31-Students learn more deeply and get more autonomy.
As a result of students taking responsibility, interacting meaningfully and often with their teacher and peers, and getting and giving frequent feedback, they acquire a deeper understanding of the content and how to use it. Giving your students autonomy will help increase enthusiasm and energy in the classroom and will help them develop the skills they need to work in teams and evaluate choices.

52-Students are more active participants in learning.
The student role shifts from passive recipient to active constructor of knowledge, giving them opportunities to practice using the intellectual tools of the discipline.

63-Application Interaction increases and students learn from one another.
Students work together applying course concepts with guidance from the teacher.  This increased interaction helps to create a learning community that encourages them to build knowledge together inside and outside the classroom.

44-Teacher and students get more feedback anywhere and anytime.
With more opportunities for students to apply their knowledge and therefore demonstrate their ability to use it, gaps in their understanding become visible to both themselves and the teacher and the  time is more efficient with the application because that way we are able to access the video or the activities  at any time, at any given like time during the day.

To off the aplication:



Mobile CellAtSchool PLUS App: Changing Learning, Changing Lives

For free downloadable and see how work this application, go to: www.cellatschool.com

mobile project

See Giselda Costa’s homepage: http://www.giseldacosta.com


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